Belle Cappy

6 Cities. 1 Island. All Built Together

What is Belle Cappy?

Belle Cappy is a community driven city building project where players work together to fill the island of Belle Cappy with not one, but six cities. 

Each region of the island has its own theme, history, and architectural style. Pick which region fascinates you and work together with others to bring it to life. The island is a place where many cultures and styles come together in an interconnected place.

How to Build on Belle Cappy!

The Inizicraft team wants to create a fun creative building environment on Belle Cappy for as many people as possible. On our map there is very little limitation on what a builder can do. In order to ensure the project remains fun for all builders there is a short screening application required to build. Those who do not wish to do the screening application can build on our creative plotme world without completing anything

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